Reasons to Celebrate: Bloody Mary Brunch

I'd like to tell you a little about my grandmother...GrandMary, as she's fondly known to me, my family and my friends, is one fine lady. Her natural handwriting could pass for calligraphy; she has a delightful Texas accent; her purse and shoes always match her clothing choice; snail mail is her preferred method of communication; she sends Texas Lottery tickets on Valentine's Day with a note to send her winning half back; and, at 82, she throws parties called "Bloody Mary Brunch" just because she likes her friends. She's great. And I'm one lucky granddaughter.

I was thrilled when GrandMary called me to request some fun invitations to her Bloody Mary Brunch. The venue was somewhat of a refined country atmosphere, so I immediately thought of using gingham fabric (a pattern that I will always associate with her).

Pinking shears, textured cream paper, and craft paper envelopes completed the invite and they were on their way to Texas to be addressed by Mary herself!

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