Crazy, Sweet Love

It's not everyday I get a call from a giddy groom asking me to create a custom card for his bride to give to her on their wedding day. It was priceless! He'd seen our handmade Bride & Groom cards in the L&L shop but wanted to personalize it even more. On the front of the card I replicated their wedding day attire. Mr. Groom hadn't seen his bride's dress so he arranged for the bride's sister to send me a photo. He wasn't about to spoil his surprise, so he requested that I cover the dress when I send it to him (how sweet is that!!). On the inside I added a few more touches that were unique to the couple: plastic framed glasses donned daily by the groom, and green high heels to be worn by the bride. My favorite part of the phone call was when Mr. Groom said "I know this sounds cheesy, but what the heck, I'm GETTING MARRIED! Can we also include our dog on the card?" So, even their pup made an appearance.

Congratulations you two!

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