Wedding Wednesday: Juan & Merce

Perhaps you've noticed that my posts lately have been few and far between. My husband and I have been traveling a bit this summer and on our biggest, and most recent trip we traveled to Spain and France. While in Barcelona we attended the wedding of two friends of ours. I had never been to a Spanish wedding and I had no idea what we were in for!

Juan and Merce were married on a crisp summer evening at a church in residential Barcelona. Everyone in attendance looked LOVELY! The women wore long dresses in bright colors with their shoulders covered for the service. The men donned dark suits, some even wore tails!

After the ceremony guests were shuttled to a small castle in a nearby town. We mingled about for 2 hours as waiters passed Cava and amazing appetizers, including hazelnut soup shots, fried-phylo-wrapped shrimp, Spanish jamon, fois gras, and seafood canneloni spoons. It was delightful. We mingled and appetized as the sun set. Then around 10 PM (Spanish schedule) we sat down to a 4 course dinner. The table settings were classic white and ivory and oh-so-elegant. The centerpieces were tall towers of open white roses with ivory candles that flickered romantically as the sun set. Coffee, after dinner drinks and Cuban cigars followed dinner. Then dancing and a rock-n-roll band!

This wedding was incredible and I am honored that I was invited to be part of it. I was able to snap a few photos to share. Enjoy!

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