For the Love of Tradition

I grew up going to summer camp one week each summer. Each year as I began to feel the change from Spring to Summer, I looked forward to this week of pool games, blistering Texas heat, weird Frisbee games, mosquitoes, bonfires, and great friends. Usually my bags were packed two weeks before I was scheduled to leave, and that compartment in my suitcase designed for underwear was filled with nametags...yes, nametags. Perhaps an odd tradition, but certainly a tradition at this summer camp. And I, being the little artist that I was, couldn't wait to wear my art around my neck every day. In fact, at some point in my camp career I had more nametags than there were days of the week so I had to choose wisely.

As I grew older I realized it was even more enjoyable to make nametags for others, or receive a nametag from a good friend -- perhaps a summer crush, or as an apology from someone who hit you in the face with a Frisbee -- there was always a fun excuse to make nametags. After my camper days were over I worked for two summers as the Arts & Crafts director and taught kiddos how to make nametags, among many other fun projects (not to mention I also had to cut the wood and drill the holes for every nametag made those two summers.)

Now, almost ten years after my camper-then-staffer tenure at camp, I feel Spring turning into Summer again and remember the fun days I spent with a wooden nametag around my neck, scratching my mosquito bites with a smile on my face. Above is a smattering of nametags I pulled from my stash to share this crazy tradition with you. (These all happen to be gifts from others.) Happy almost Summer!

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