Peachy and Skip

When I'm strolling with Nathan and the dogs on a lazy Saturday morning, or making my way from the parking lot to a meeting, or patiently waiting for the "walk" sign to flash so I can cross, I often find myself taking time to notice the resemblance of dog and master in passersby. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks and elicits an satisfied giggle.

While I don't think I resemble my canine housemates (I sure hope I don't, especially the underbite), over the past few months of learning how Skip (the new addition) and Peachy (the first born) interact, I've noticed that their two dissimilar personalities together have very similar characteristics to my own. Peachy is concerned and careful, skittish and shy. She keeps watch. Skip is floppy and friendly, carefree and happy-go-lucky. He lounges...everywhere. Peachy sits like a lady; Skip has a half-sit-half-lay-down-legs-splayed approach. Peachy follows most rules; Skip has heard of them and could care less. They're great. And together, they're a perfect pair.

As the oldest of three, I can understand Peachy's neurotic concern for things, I see it in the way I approach a project: with deadlines and budgets, lists and check marks. Perhaps if she had opposable thumbs she'd be a perfectionist, too. I see it in the way I keep my house: everything has a place, and I don't function well around clutter. But I'm floppy, too. In my house where everything has a place, my shoes somehow don't. They can be found by doorways, under ottomans, beneath snoring terriers, and under my desk (in multiples); but most are in my closet. Like Skip, sleep is important to me. In college, I never once pulled an all-nighter, I hoped life would go on after the exam, and it did. But while I'm enjoying glorious sleep, my brain is often reeling; solving problems, planning, wondering if I locked the front door...sometimes there's a flash of creative genius, and my sleeping self hopes my awake self will remember it in the morning.

I'm a rule follower like Peachy--ahem, I follow directions to boil pasta--but my Skip-y side will try to test boundaries...Not like tasting the rug or the couch cushions like Skip, but perhaps when it comes to being creative, color, and food.

Some days, I wish I could be just like Skip, without a care in the world--where only the sand beneath my feet matters, don't we all? But all the other days, I'm content that I possess a balance of characteristics of both pups. I suppose I'll continue to find similarities in our personalities...maybe I'll look to Peachy and how she solves problems (although I don't think growling will get me very far), or to Skip when I need to learn how to surrender. I do know at the end of the day we'll all be tired and content and happy we have each other.

Kara  – (June 22, 2011 at 1:12 PM)  

Very well written Les. One thing you and peachy share is great posture.

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