SH [hearts] SF

My friends are throwing a 30th Anniversary Party for their parents this Summer and they enlisted the help of Lilly & Louise for the invitations (yahoo!). It's a classic Texas party: BBQ, pool, heat...and probably margaritas. To set the mood for this celebration, I wanted to recall a time of life when the guests of honor and guests may [or may not] have scribbled love messages on their book covers (or carved into trees, swoon!). A time of young love, perhaps?

With kraft paper as a canvas, a mix of playful typefaces, and 30 years to toast to, we've got ourselves an invitation for a reason to celebrate!

BethWolpman  – (June 9, 2010 at 9:41 AM)  

Leslie, the invitations were on target for sentiment, information, and the remembrance of a love that began in high school and grows stronger today. The kraft paper seems symbolic of the industrious adventure a 30 year marriage embodies. Steve and Sue Ann will remember these with special love for the party-givers and invitation-maker.

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