A Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What You're Gonna Get

I love samples. Paper samples, art material samples...food samples. Yes, I love the sample stand at our neighborhood Trader Joe's and the bakery samples at Whole Foods...and the Farmer's Market--olive bread, and clementines and walnut oil, oh my! For a short time in college I worked at a grocery store and on my Sunday shift instead of taking a lunch I would peruse the store for Sunday samples...Perhaps it's the lingering college kid in me that still has a place in her heart for free food. Anyway, my love for sampling things has translated into this:

This is what a box of chocolates looks like in our house...each beautiful little chocolate cut into little pieces. This happens to be a box-o-chocolates from See's Candy (from my Valentine), and See's doesn't include a "menu" of what's inside, so in order to figure out what flavors you have--without committing to the entire chocolate--we sample instead. Although, I think even if it did come with a menu, our chocolates would still look like this.

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous –   – (March 10, 2010 at 3:06 PM)  

So cute and I totally agrees...sampling is the way to go, especially a box of chocolates.

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