The Little Succulent that Could

So I have this little succulent in my kitchen window--I'm not even sure what it's called--I think maybe some form of a rock cactus. Anyway, I love it because it is so interesting looking. But, it never looks like it's growing...even though I water it regularly. About a week ago I noticed a stem with a bud had formed from part of the plant and I remembered that it bloomed last year. So I whipped out my trusty Nikon and documented it by day until it bloomed. Now the bloom opens during the day, and closes at night. Such a unique, quirky little thing...and I love it!

(And by the way, if you're wondering about the pot...yes, it's seen better days. It's taken a few falls in its lifetime, but each time MOST pieces were recoverable, so I glued it back together...a few times.)

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