In The Studio

photo by Kacie Jean

When I'm not working on wedding invitations, addressing envelopes or up to my elbows in colorful paint, I'm usually working on other applications of print design. I recently completed a logo design for Kacie Jean Photography. Kacie Jean is a very talented, Santa Barbara-based, wedding and lifestyle photographer. She had been scarred by previous attempts of having someone create a design for her, so she was a little apprehensive when we started the process, but that quickly changed!

Kacie wanted a logo that was classy and clean, yet fun and friendly... something that would reflect the kind of work she does--and how she approaches it. After completing the logo, we designed a gift certificate / promo kit inspired by pocket wedding invitations. Inserts include gift certificate, pricing, packages & products and examples of her work. In the end, we were both very pleased with the final piece.

photo by Kacie Jean

Kacie had some kind words to share about working with me that you can read here on her blog. In addition, if you'd like to see other examples of the work I do when I'm not working on Lilly & Louise, click here.

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